Welcome to this week’s Edition of Aloha Friday.

“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.”

My question for this week is:

Do you go to movies in the theater or prefer to rent and watch at home?

I used to go to movies in the theater all the time…and when hubby and I first got together, we’d make it a date-night at least once a month (provided, of course, there was a decent movie to see). Of course after the Princess Nagger was born, that severely limited our ‘dates’, let alone going to the theater. Add to that my hubby is worse than a child about sitting still – his legs are too long for the seats in a theater and he gets uncomfortable halfway through – so he’s endlessly fidgeting next to me, which of course distracts me from the movie… (grin!!) So we pretty much rent and watch at home – because then you can pause to stretch or use the bathroom without missing any good parts… Besides, the cost of going to the movies has gotten so expensive – why spend all that money to be uncomfortable? 😉

Happy Aloha Friday!

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  1. i prefer to rent movies at home. movies have gotten so expensive here – $10.50 a seat and they’ve moved the matinee time back. popcorn is outrageous and forget anything to drink. plus, my Beloved falls asleep and snores. the last time we went to the movies i had to keep waking him up cause he was snoring so loudly. so now i prefer to stay home, rent what we both wantto see, and when he falls asleep, i put on whatever i want to watch!!!!!! oh and when there’s a movie he really wants to see, we watch it at seven am when he’s awake!!!

  2. I like both. I’m a member of Blockbuster Online, so we constantly have three to five movies around the house at all times. But there are some movies that we just HAVE to see right when they come out!

  3. I hardly ever go to the movie theater anymore. We watch almost everything at home via Netflix!

  4. Morning Stacy.
    I rarely go to the theater mostly because they just seem like such a rip off. If I really want to see something, I’ll watch it online or just buy the movie.

  5. Usually we’re renters, but some kids movies we will go to see in the theater. We have an awesome family owned theater nearby that has one screen and they play first run movies. The 4 of us can see a movie and get popcorn, drinks and candy for about $20. It’s a super deal.

  6. Hubby and I go out to the movie theater. Or if there’s a good movie on PPV, we’ll stay in and order!

  7. I love both, actually. But only if I really know the person I’m going with. Otherwise, movies can be really awkward, and I’d rather just be on my own and get lost in it.

    Happy Friday! 🙂

  8. I love going out to see a good movie at the theater. Movie theater popcorn is really the best. but I still really love a good movie in my jammies on the couch snuggled up with hubby!

  9. i used to love going to movies in the theater, but now it seems that you need to take out a mortgage to pay for the cost of tix and some popcorn. we have netflix

  10. Usually we rent, it’s tough to get all six of us out to the theater at once. And my two year old isn’t a big fan of sitting still. I think the last movie we saw as a family was Madagascar 2 and that just came out on DVD! I occasionally get out for a girls night with my sister, but that’s rare.

  11. when younger you would see us at the theaters but now we would rather rent so we can watch as a family

  12. Gosh ~ Now that you ask that question, I realize that we haven’t rented a movie for at least a year I bet??!!! But I LOVE going to the theater to a movie – just went last friday while my car was getting the oil changed and brake pad replaced (Saw “Rachels Getting married” with Anne Hathaway – she was fab in this movie!!)

  13. If the movie’s great, I prefer seeing it in the theater. It’s the only way I can get totally lost in it. But most movies make better rentals.

  14. Despite the cost, there’s still nothing like going to the theater. I pack a bag for the kids which includes juice, their own cups, straws, etc. My husband and I will splurge on a popcorn for everyone. It helps keep the cost down. For the most part though, after the kids, we definitely rent more than go out.

  15. Rent and watch at home–as a new mom, it’s hard to get out, although I know that I need to!

  16. Pre-kids we used to go to the movies every so often. Now we barely go. Just too expensive. These days I often take things out of the library since there are not many rental places. Plus it is using the tax money we give them.

  17. I would rather stay home and watch a movie – I always have to pee and they never seem to want to pause the movie at the theaters for me. Weird huh? 🙂

    Visit my Aloha Friday HERE!

  18. We usually do Netflix although there have been occasions that we go to the theater! It’s hard though since we don’t have a babysitter.

  19. If we go to the first movie of the day, it’s only $5 so we do that sometimes but never at night when it’s full price madness.

    We never rent movies though. We buy them used from the video stores. My hubby is the type that watches them over and over so it makes way more sense that way.

  20. We do both. Going to the movies is one of the things my daughter and I love to do together. I’m loving it now that she can go to and enjoy more types of movies with me. We rent alot too… I watched three movies yesterday while I was working. Pop it on the computer, put on the headphones and watch and work away. I work at home, but the headphones keeps me from being distracted by “the house”

  21. I like both but since baby only wants mommy lately I don’t get to go to movies…maybe someday 🙂

  22. I prefer to see the movie in a theater because I love the fresh popcorn! However, with little ones we usually end up getting the DVD instead.

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  24. LOL Annie!s That’s another reason we rent vs. go to the theater…hubby sometimes falls asleep, too, and snores LOUDLY…LOL! 😉

  25. I hear ya, Jen – there are some movies that you HAVE to see on the big screen with surround sound… 😉

  26. That’s what I end up doing – buying the movies I like, because I know I’ll end up watching them more than once.s We have a membership to Netflix, but sometimes we end up keeping the same movie for more than a month or two, and we could have just bought it for the same price (or less!) 🙂

  27. Oh wow!s I wish we had a family theater around here – the Princess Nagger loves to go see kids movies in the theater, so I usually do that for her birthday, just her and I as a special treat.s But I have to limit it to once in a blue moon like that, because it ends up being $50 for just her and I – at the matinee no less! 🙂

  28. Sounds just like what hubby and I used to do before the Princess Nagger came along…heh, heh!s

  29. I totally agree, Jenn – love the movie popcorn, but watching a good movie in your jammies on the couch with hubby makes up for the lesser quality microwaved popcorn… 😉

  30. Sounds par for the course here…well, except that we’re only 3 here… 😉 s The last movie I saw in the theater was a kid movie with the Princess Nagger.s For her 4th birthday…so it’s been a couple of years! 🙂

  31. I agree – even with hubby fidgeting next to me it’s still nice to get ‘lost’ in the movie… 😉 s You’re right – most movies make better rentals.

  32. That’s what I do when we go to the theater – pack stuff to bring in…cuts down on the exhorbitant costs. 😉 s

  33. LOL!s I absolutely know what you mean…we don’t have a baby sitter, so we don’t get out as often as we should… 😉

  34. I never thought about the library!s We have a small one not too far from here – I’m going to have to check that option out! 😉

  35. LOL Elizabeth!s We stay away from the ‘full price madness’, too… 😉 s Oh definitely if you watch them over and over again buying them is so much more economical.s 🙂

  36. LOL Martha!s I started doing that recently, too – popping on the headphones while I work and have a couple of things going at once…I’ll have to see if I can watch a movie and work at the same time… 😉

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