Today started off pretty well, I woke up after a full night’s sleep (for the first time in about 6 weeks) with only a slight NyQuil foggy brain, and felt I had finally turned the corner on this darn sinus infection! WooHoo! My Darling Daughter finished up her antibiotics as of yesterday, so she is also feeling much better – and claims that her cold is all gone “Since I finished my antibiotics, that means my cold is all better!” heh, heh! She’s right, though; she only had a slightly runny nose today and hasn’t been coughing, so that’s a good thing! Of course my ‘good’ start to the day quickly faltered with the revelation that now my hubby is inflicted with this major sinus infection…ugh! I don’t know about anyone else, but when my hubby gets sick, he’s worse than a baby about the whole thing…so here’s hoping his doesn’t last 6+ weeks like mine did, I might have to throttle his pouting self! LOL!!

After I successfully shooed him off to work, I sat down with my morning cup of coffee expecting to work on some websites, browse some of the ‘Cyber Monday’ deals, and get my EntreCard drops done early…best laid plans and all that, when I was greeted with the ‘blue screen of death’ on my computer. Ack! So I got to spend a majority of my day (in between playing a game my Darling Daughter made up of ‘Cops and Thieves’ since her school had off today) of reformatting my hard drive and re-installing the slew of software I have…what fun…NOT. At least I had learned a valuable lesson several years ago storing my important files and photos (read: ALL files and photos) onto auxiliary and/or portable hard drives so if I had a computer crash I didn’t lose all the hard work I’ve done – like I did several years ago. So at least there’s that – and my computer is actually running a little bit faster now that it’s been restored, so there’s an upside to my long day of ‘click to reboot’ today!

I still have yet to dismantle my Fall decorations and pull out the multitude of boxes of Christmas decor, but since we had rain and hail (with lots of thunder and lightning) today, and since I’m still on the way out of my major sinus infection (still have 3 more days of strong antibiotics to finish), I figured I’ll just let my poor little scarecrows hang out on the front and back porches until this weekend – then, if my hubby isn’t feeling as horrible as he does today, I can recruit him to haul the hay bales and corn stalks to the back for our chickens…here’s hoping he feels better so I can put him to work! LOL!! Savannah is so excited about getting the Christmas decorations out…

Savannah: “I wish it were already Christmas!”

Me: “I don’t – I still have some shopping to do and I still have to decorate…”

Savannah: “OK, I wish it was already Christmas and the decorations were already up. You don’t have to go shopping, Mama, Santa will do it for you!”

Ah, if only it were that easy – I suppose I could write a letter to Santa and ask if he could take care of things for me…maybe I should ask him for a new computer while I’m at it! 😉

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  1. Oh I wish too for Santa to do some things for me before Christmas 🙂 Glad your sinuses are feeling better 🙂

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