Norman, our black Persian, is a cool cat. Really cool. Everyone who meets him loves him and wants to take him home with them. He puts up with anything – including being decorated by feathers:

And even letting the Princess Nagger put her tutu on him. (Darn! Where was my camera for that event?!) But for some reason, the Princess Nagger seems to have it stuck in her mind that a ‘tiger striped cat’ would be even better. Why? I have no idea. She’s not telling. Instead, this conversation recently took place:

PN: “We need to dye Norman’s fur.”

Me: “What?! Why do we need to do that?”

PN: “Because then we can turn him into a tiger-striped cat.”

Me: “Why in the world do you want to turn him into a tiger-striped cat?”

PN: “Because tiger-striped cats are cool!”

Me: “Norman’s a cool cat all on his own…he doesn’t need to be changed into something else!”

PN: “But I want a tiger-striped cat!”

Me: “Why?”

PN: “Because tiger-striped cats are cool!”

Me: “I can see this conversation is going nowhere. We are not dyeing Norman’s hair, it’s not good for him, and besides, Norman’s ‘cool’ just the way he is!”

PN: “But he’d be cooler if he were tiger-striped!”

Me: “Why?”

PN: “Because tiger-striped cats are cool! Can we get a tiger-striped cat? Maybe Norman would like a brother…”

Me: “Not gonna happen…we are already getting a new puppy, we don’t need to get another cat, too!”

PN: “Well, if we’re getting a brother for Elvis, then we need to get a brother for Norman so he doesn’t feel left out. A tiger-striped one.”

Negotiations with the Little Princess are so hilarious – her mind is always working overtime looking for that next ‘angle’ in the negotiation process. She’s going to be a handful as she gets older. Especially during her teen years. Oh how I’m nervous about those teen years.

Norman is a cool cat just the way he is. I made sure to point out to the Little Princess that it’s not a good idea to try to ‘change’ others – people or pets – to make them what you want them to be. When I asked if she would want someone insisting she be turned into something else, or changing her in any way, she didn’t like that so much. Norman wouldn’t either. He’s staying the cool cat he already is. End of discussion! 😉

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  1. Thank you very much! He tolerates so much between the Little Princess and our dog…and comes back for more! 😉 I’m going to have to get a really good picture of him with his tongue sticking out…he does that a lot, too! 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. She is a smart one isn’t she? She does think things thoroughly and does come up with some good points…how much you wanna bet that after we get the puppy acclimated to his new home, we’ll end up getting a tiger striped kitten! LOL!!

    Oh, and Norman loves Savannah – and her toys. He’s always playing with her toys, it’s hilarious! 😀

  3. I love Norman just how he is. He is a cool cat. This is why I don’t let my kids on the Internet. They would read about dyeing the cat and think it was a brilliant idea :).

    Recent blog post: What Was I Thinking?

  4. hi Stacy, just stopping by your blog to wish you “Merry Christmas” before I hit my hometown for the holidays.

  5. I love Norman just the way he is, too! 😀 What’s interesting is my Little Princess doesn’t go on the internet – except to PBS Kids to play games once in a blue moon…so I thought it was quite interesting that she came up with the idea of dyeing Norman’s hair to make him a tiger-striped cat! LOL!

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