I sort of got away with not actually blogging a ‘real’ post yesterday, just a huge thank you to Firefly for my very first award and then I posted a couple of fun items. I figured I’d better post a ‘real’ something or other today so I’m not skating by for the weekend! (grin!) This has been a ‘Silly Sunday’ for my Little Princess who is obviously in a growth spurt – she’s been eating like a little piggy today (good food, no junk…yet!)! Seems all I’ve done (besides try to figure out why my new comments format isn’t working for some people) is fix her things to eat! Ah well, the price of motherhood, eh? She also has been in high energy mode, she’s been creating non-stop games that have been wearing me and my hubby out! 😉 One she’s playing right now is she has our boots and shoes set up in a ‘circle’ (through the living room into the kitchen, through the dining room and back into the living room) spaced a certain space apart and it’s a ‘hopping obstacle course’ that she’s making me dizzy watching her do (and making me tired as she races by every few minutes! LOL!) She definitely is a constant source of entertainment, no doubt about that!

I also (finally) got my hubby to sign all the Christmas cards – the Little Princess signed them all first and did an outstanding job, so now maybe I’ll actually be able to get them in the mail tomorrow. I haven’t decided if I’m going to start doing a newsletter – I’ve always thought they were pretty cheesy (no offense to my sister and cousin, who sends them out each and every year faithfully). I ran across a blog earlier in the week that cracked me up A Letter to Xander – she was participating in an event that was sort of ‘mocking’ the Christmas newsletter thing and boy, did people come up with some hilarious newsletters! I’m actually thinking of creating one like that to send out as a joke…we’ll see!

Meanwhile, I do make sure to include pictures of the Little Princess from the past year -I picked out all my favorite ones and uploaded them to print via the RiteAid website…think I made a mistake, though – I chose the ‘Today’ feature, where you get to pick up your pictures in an hour, but I also added to that order some of the cute 2009 calendars that can take 2-5 days. Arrrgh! Should have put that in as a separate order. If I had, I would have the pictures in hand all ready to insert into the Christmas Cards…I envisioned myself stuffing envelopes tonight…now I have to wait and call RiteAid tomorrow and see if I messed up and won’t be getting my cards out until the end of the week. Not a huge issue, except that 99% of them are going out to Washington State, and with USPS being so slow this time of year, they might be lucky if they get their cards in time for New Year! Ah well, live and learn…maybe next year I’ll be on time with my Christmas cards! (snicker!)


  1. When we first got married, I would be the one to sign all our names and just get it done…but then I started thinking (especially when our Little Princess was able to write her name the past couple of years) that it would be way cooler if each of us signed our own names…makes it more ‘personal’, especially since we don’t do the newsletter thing, just pictures. I really admire his signature, it’s uniquely him, especially since he will only use a fountain pen to write anything with. He’s been great – I just set the stack of cards near him and tell him it’s time to sign the Christmas cards, and usually they’re done in a day or two… I consider myself lucky! 😉

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