I finally took down my scarecrows today – so they are no longer eyeballing me, they’re sleeping comfortably in the shed until next year. But of course Mother Nature decided to dampen my resolve to get my Christmas decorations up by throwing raindrops at me. Thanks. So at least the scarecrows are not intimidating me anymore, and my porch is closer to being decorated with Christmas festive decor…wonder if I can incorporate the 3 hay bales so I don’t have to haul them out back? Any suggestions? Anyone?

At least I’m not in Griswold mode to where I inundate the outside of the house with eye-blazing lights and decor. In fact, my hubby has a fear of heights, so we don’t put Christmas lights around the outside edges of the roof (besides, it’d be hard – the outside of the house is very tall – 3 stories tall – so you’d have to get onto the roof from the attic…I can’t get hubby on a ladder to get apples from our tree, so that’s not gonna happen! LOL!!) So I pretty much keep it simple – wrapping the front porch pillars with garland and lights…and this year I’ll actually have some of those lighted deer to put on the front porch – I’m surprised it’s taken me this many years to finally get some, I’ve been collecting deer items since I was a child, so you’d think I would have had those suckers for a long time…heh, heh!

Tomorrow and Saturday look promising – partly cloudy and 37 or 38 degrees – cold, but promising…I might just get my Christmas decorating done yet! At least I hope I get it done…before Christmas! 😉


  1. Thanks, running mommy, you read my mind! I’ve been searching for the perfect set to coincide with the hay bales (especially since I buy the same size hay bales every year from a local farmer, so it can be ‘traditional’ each year!) Thanks for the input, I’ll let you know how it turns out! 🙂 As of today I have all my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations safely put away…WooHoo! Now the task is to haul the 20+ boxes of Christmas decorations out of the shed and get to work! But I love Christmas, so it’ll be a fun ‘chore’ to do this weekend! 😉

  2. Don’t remind me I so need to decorate for Christmas but I have no power in me from this awful back pain :)and when I remember how much is there ugh…it will take days to put everything together…

  3. Awww, Firefly! I wish I lived close to you, I’d be happy to help out! I love decorating for Christmas, but for some reason this year my motivation level has been lagging. I’m sure what caused that is I had a nasty sinus infection that really knocked me for a loop for almost 2 full months, and then with Thanksgiving being ‘late’ this year, it shortened the time to actually have decorations up. It’s a conspiracy, I tellya! 🙂 But I’d sure take a sinus infection over back pain any day, you poor thing!

    I really hope your back issues get better – I feel for you!!!

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