I was already feeling behind in the Christmas Spirit by not already having my house drenched in Christmas decor inside and out, but today as I rushed home from my marathon grocery shopping and pulled into our driveway, I swear the scarecrows on my front porch were eyeballing me…and not in a good way!

To top it off, my next-door-neighbor spent the day clearing their fall decorations (and scarecrows) off their front porch, and her hubby was stringing the outdoor Christmas lights. It wasn’t a big deal being a week behind them on the Fall decorations, but now that their Christmas decorations are up and looking great, my slow conversion from Fall to Festive Christmas is blatantly obvious. Of course that’s only going to add to the ‘nag factor’ of my Little Princess when we’re out waiting for the bus tomorrow – she’ll nag me about the fact that we still have scarecrows and hay bales on our front porch instead of the lighted deer, Christmas lights and garland.

At least I thought ahead and decided to ‘light up’ my Fall decorations this year – so when I remove the corn stalks from the front pillars, I can leave the white lights up and run garland instead…so the time-consuming part of running the lights is already done, just have to get motivated (and keep an eagle eye on the weather) to just get it done. Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a bright sunny day (and a high of 47), so it might be the day I’ll just have to take care of things – at least on the outside…then I can get the scarecrows off the front porch and they won’t be eyeballing me anymore… >;o)~


  1. I celebrate Christmas, but I don’t think I’m going to decorate at all. We usually go to NC to be with my family and we won’t this year. My mom always does the decorating. I wouldn’t even know where to start.


  2. I’ve been in that position, too – there were a couple of years we weren’t going to be home (visiting friends in Louisiana and/or elsewhere) that I seriously contemplated not doing all that work decorating…but then decided to keep it simple those years and just have a Christmas Tree so that it would ‘feel’ like Christmas at our house for the season, even though we weren’t going to be home for the actual day…that would be a great ‘starting point’ – just a simple tree… 🙂

    Since I’m getting started so late with the mega decorating this year, I will probably keep it a bit simpler for this holiday – utilizing the tree as the focal point, then just adding a few ‘Christmas-y’ touches, but not go whole hog this time…we’ll see how that goes, once I get started I may not stop! LOL!

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