Never-ending Boomerang Cold Season

While I don’t think it’s another ‘official’ cold, my poor Little Princess has almost completely lost her voice…

Savannah: “Look, Mama, my voice sounds like yours did when you had your cold!”

Me: “What was that?”

She had to repeat herself a couple of times before I got it, because her voice was mostly gone, poor thing! That was last night – this morning she sounded about the same, so I mentioned that maybe she should stay home today.

Savannah vehemently shaking her head: “But I want to get perfect attendance, I can’t miss school!”

Me: “OK, then we’ll take your temperature with the Sponge Bob thermometer – if Sponge Bob says you have a fever, then you have to stay home from school, OK?”

Savannah: “Well, alright, but I know I don’t have a fever. I think this is a one-day cold, so I should be fine to go to school.”

Sponge Bob said her temperature was 95.7. Huh? Wait – let’s try that again… 95.7 again… I told her that she has the opposite of a fever, maybe we better try the thermometer on me to see if it’s working properly. My temperature – 96.5. Obviously Sponge Bob was deeper in the sea where it was a bit cooler…

Me: “OK, well I guess neither one of us has a fever, but neither one of us is ‘normal’, either!”

Savannah: “Well I’m more normal than you are, because my temperature was 95.7!”

Me: “Sorry, chickadee, but my temperature is closer to normal than yours is, so you lose out on that one…”

She got a good laugh out of that, and was happy that she wouldn’t have to miss school – especially since she felt fine, acted fine, looked fine, didn’t have a stuffy or runny …just didn’t ‘sound’ fine because of her voice. It’s no wonder there are issues with colds this year, Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind between cold and warm we hit a record high of 63 degrees, today our high barely hovered above freezing and we had some , then sleet, then , then more snow, to rain and freezing rain…we’re supposed to have a ‘mix’ through tonight, then have it all turn to rain tomorrow by midday. Make up your mind already!

Of course the funky weather caused problems with our internet connection, so by the end of the day I was going through withdrawals not being able to get online. But I did get other stuff that I put off when I’m on the computer. So that’s a good thing. But I sure missed being able to casually read through some of my favorite , so I’ll have some catching up to do!

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4 thoughts on “Never-ending Boomerang Cold Season

  1. Oh, you’re daughter is soooo good–I’d have stayed home in a moment 🙂

    A Sponge Bob thermometer? My daughter might actually let me take her temp…

    Thanks for the giggles! 😀

  2. I’m amazed at how good my Little Princess is about going to school – especially when the first day she was NOT looking forward to it! (her words…heh, heh!)

    Yes, I scored with the Sponge Bob thermometer – she always hated having her temperature taken, now she doesn’t mind because it only takes 90 seconds, and when it’s done, it plays the Sponge Bob theme – hilarious! 😉

  3. Yes indeed, all it took to change her attitude about getting her temperature taken was getting a Sponge Bob thermometer! LOL! Now she doesn’t protest (except she always worries that if she does have a fever, she’ll have to stay home…luckily she’s only had a fever on the weekends in the past, so she’s on her way to her dream of ‘perfect attendance’…(grin!))