I had a very nice Birthday today – I conquered the Christmas tree (mostly – still have to put the ornaments back on, but it’s fixed! WooHoo!), my Little Princess made sure to enthusiastically wish me a Happy Birthday multitudes of times today, constantly asking me if I was having a happy one…especially since she knew I was a little bummed my family members forgot to call… She insisted (read: nagged) Dada about taking us out to dinner tonight for my birthday, which we did, so I’m currently in a food coma…when I’ve had a good night’s rest I’ll post a detailed blog tomorrow about the final outcome of the Christmas Tree Wrestling Re-Match. To all my readers, thank you all for your kind words and support – you have made my blogging experience so rich and entertaining, and my birthday a special one – I appreciate you all very much! My apologies to all my EntreCard ‘regulars’ that I make sure I drop in on daily, I missed my usual EC marathon today, so I’ll have some making up to do tomorrow… 😉

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  1. Thanks, Firefly! And yes, I did win that fight…heh, heh! I’ll write and post pictures about it tomorrow since today is ‘Wordless Wednesday’… 😀

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