The weather has been throwing us for a loop for the past couple of weeks – warm, then cold, then warm, then freezing…when it goes from 70+ degrees back down to freezing temps, it’s no wonder we caught colds a couple of weeks ago! And just when I thought the cold I had was finally on its way out, it came back this weekend with a vengeance. Ugh! Savannah won’t admit that her cold is back, but the telltale runny nose is hard to miss. She keeps saying “I’m fine. I feel fine. I’m not sick.” In other words, the message she’s really trying to get across is ‘Don’t call the doctor, I don’t want to go to the doctor, please don’t make me go to the doctor…’ As for me, I don’t like going to the doctor, either, so I’m hoping this will come and go on its own without knocking me down for too long…I’m looking forward to imbibing in the generic NyQuil my Darling Husband just brought home for me so I can actually sleep like a baby tonight…here’s hoping! I also hope I feel much better by Wednesday, since that’s the first ‘visitation’ day to Savannah’s Kindergarten class – it’s only for 1 hour, so I should be fine, as long as I don’t have to speak since my voice is on its way out! 🙂

Even more importantly, I hope I’m feeling better by Saturday, since it happens to be Savannah’s 6th birthday – and this year instead of doing a huge party here at home, we’re keeping it small…at Chuck E. Cheese! That should be fun if I’m feeling like crap… 😉 But at least it’s little or no ‘work’ for me, I was setting the bar too high in past years by outdoing myself each year with a major themed party – lots of work to set up and lots of clean up afterward, so I was actually happy that Savannah requested her birthday party be at Chuck’s this year, because it ends up being cheaper than the parties in years past, and will not be work for me… 😉