I am so over having a cold! Seriously! I have had a cold/sinus infection for about 7 weeks now – I was on a 10-day regime of strong antibiotics, but a couple of days after I finished those up, my sinus infection came raging back…it was as if time had been set back to before I saw my doctor and got the antibiotics! My poor darling daughter has also been suffering for about a month, she’s currently on antibiotics herself, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much, her cough is just as bad as it was when she started her antibiotics last week…ugh! I hate being sick – especially since as a mom you can’t simply ‘call in sick’ and lounge around in bed all day to get the rest you need to fight it off. Especially this time of year – I have too much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, I can’t be slowed down as much as I have been! Here’s hoping the monster antibiotics the doc called in for me today will do the trick – it better, considering how expensive this new prescription cost today! I’m hoping that my taste buds won’t be all messed up so I can truly enjoy the Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday…

Tomorrow will be a busy day, I have pies to bake and lots of work to get the house all clean and ready for company. I may be moving slowly, but I’ll get it done! 🙂


  1. Hello Stacy,

    I feel for you! Having a cold as a mom is the pitts! It wouldn’t be so bad if you could retreat to bed, but since children and household work can’t be put on hold you just have to struggle on.

    When I have a cold it always makes me realize how much strength mothering requires, and how strong I usually am.

    So when I’m better I take a moment to appreciate my health and strength.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thank you very much! I’m pressing on and refuse to let this cold slow me down as I enjoy Thanksgiving – I’m happy that it’s a long weekend so I can have some time to relax and possibly kick this cold after Thanksgiving… heh, heh!

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