I’ve already mentioned that I Live in a Literal World… Well, last night during my daughter and my nightly routine of bedtime story, tucking her into bed and finding out about all the fun things she did in school today, she once again showed me how ‘literal’ her mind thinks…just like her daddy! 😉 She mentioned how much fun she had in Computer Lab earlier in the day, but that one of the ‘assignments’ was called ‘Boombox full of fun’ – and she loved it, because she loves music. But she had to re-do one of the assignments, because once again she was be-boppin’ to the music she enjoyed so much, she had to hit ‘repeat’ to do that particular assignment over again…

She also mentioned that one of the ‘assignments’ in Computer Lab was a book that was read…by the computer. She liked watching the computer read through the story, really liked it when the computer even turned the pages for her, so she could sit back (and she demonstrated how she sits back, her hands behind her head, her elbows out) and ‘watch’ the story. But she also mentioned how at the end of the story, the computer asked her ‘Did you read the story?’ Her selection was “No”.

Me: “Why did you select ‘No’?”

PN: “Because I didn’t read the story!”

Me: “What do you mean you didn’t read the story?”

PN: “I didn’t read the story, the computer did! I kept selecting ‘No’, but that’s OK, it stopped asking after a while…”

After I controlled my outburst of laughter, I explained to my darling daughter that she might want to re-think the fact that she did actually read the story…right along with the computer, so her selection really should be ‘Yes’, not ‘No’. I explained that if she has trouble following the story, can’t understand or read the words, that’s generally when she should select ‘No’, so her teacher can see that she needs help…which we both know she doesn’t, as she’s an excellent reader.

PN: “But I didn’t watch the computer the whole time it was reading the story…”

Me: “Why not?”

PN: “Because I was looking at Sean.”

Me: “Sean? Why were you looking at Sean?”

PN: “Because he had a cool shirt on – it had dinosaurs on it!!”

Seriously, people, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! I love my nightly ‘routine’ and getting ‘filled in’ on my daughter’s exciting day at school. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it now, as I am well aware it won’t last forever… I’m not looking forward to the day when she’s too ‘old’ for our nightly conversations and wants to be left alone to text her friends and wants her space from Mom… Every moment is precious, and I appreciate and cherish each and every one! 😉