As I get my daughter ready for her big night out of “Trick-or-Treat”, I thought it would be fun to take a look back on her previous costumes…I guess you could say I sort of ‘cheated’ with her first 3 years of Halloween, by using the same costume 3 years in a row…I’ve mentioned before I’m not a huge Halloween fan, so it’s not one of my priorities…though as my daughter is getting older, I suspect I’ll be a little more conscientious in her future costumes and the ‘fun factor’…LOL!! But it was a cool costume, and it was huge on her (though the picture doesn’t really show how big it really was on her) for her first year…fit a little better for the second year, then was borderline too small for the final year she wore it. I did give her a choice on her third year, and she really wanted to be a lady bug again (probably because she really didn’t remember being one the first two years…) so who am I to deny her request? (grin!!) I also realized that I must not have taken a picture of her in her Raven (from Teen Titans) costume from her fourth year – it was a hectic year, we had joined some friends and their kids (and their friends with their kids) for a fast-paced night of door-to-door and somehow I neglected the blinding flash pictures of the evening…I may have subconsciously chosen not to take those pictures, though, as I was disappointed with that costume (very cheaply made, and even though in her ‘size group’, way too big and cumbersome for the poor thing!) She thought about wearing it again last year but I talked her into being a Forest Fairy instead (that was a great costume – the skirt had little LED lights so she could ‘sparkle and flash’ as she was walking in the dusky dark of the evening…it was a huge hit and she looked adorable!). This year I talked her out of being a witch (as I’ve mentioned before, I’m hoping to hold off on her wanting to be something dark and or gory for a few more years and enjoy my little ‘dress-up-doll’ for a bit longer!) so when I take pictures later this evening of her in her ‘Pink Pirate’ glory, I’ll add that picture later. Enjoy!!

And finally, Halloween 2008: