I seriously need to get one of those long-armed fruit pickers – we still have so many apples left on our tree ridiculously high up that our tall ladder doesn’t quite reach them…not to mention my hubby is afraid of heights, so getting him to climb up that ladder and reach just isn’t gonna happen!

Me: “But honey, you’re six inches taller than me, so you can reach further than I can!”

Hubby: “Nope, not gonna happen…let’s just get out my handy dandy limb cutter and cut the limbs so we can get to the apples!”

So while we’ve reached an impasse on how to remove the rest of those apples from the tree, we can at least shift our focus to the humongous grape vine instead…and all the baby grape vines I planted last year that are bearing fruit. I should have enough to make another batch of wine, along with several batches of grape jelly…yum! Savannah is all about picking grapes – she’s anxious as I type this to get started, even had trouble falling asleep last night because she was so excited at the prospect of picking grapes! She’ll learn eventually, that the older you get, you look at that activity as ‘work‘.

Of course most of the prospect of picking grapes also goes hand-in-hand with getting to eat them as you pick them…but my hubby is anti-eating fruit picked right off the vine or tree – he insists they have to be washed thoroughly first (which is mostly a good idea, but I remember picking blackberries as a kid for my mom’s awesome blackberry jam, and we were lucky if we put half of what we picked into our buckets, the juicy berries were sooooo good…and I lived to tell the tale!)

So based on my hubby’s ‘need’ to wash before eating, Princess Nagger was contemplating last night that it would be a good idea if we picked grapes while it was raining, or immediately after a rain – so the grapes would be ‘washed’ and she could eat them as she picks them…gotta love it!

So off we go to pick grapes…here’s hoping more end up in the bucket vs. our tummies! 😉