Originally published on TV.com on February 22, 2008:

Great news today in the ongoing ‘fight’ to Save Journeyman. The 34th Annual Saturn Awards has bestowed Journeyman with two (2) nominations! Kevin McKidd has been nominated for Best Actor in a Television Series, and Journeyman has been nominated for Best Television Network Series.

This is great news to our faithful JourneyFans as we try to grab the attention of NBC to have a heart and bring Journeyman back on the fall schedule.Speaking of the fall schedule – NBC announced that they will be visiting a 52 week ‘season’ vs. the September through May season…so they would have ‘year round’ programming.

My only question is what does that really mean?  Does that mean a summer full of the mindless reality garbage that NBC seems so fond of?  Or are they truly thinking about trying to change their less than stellar image and bring quality programs back on the air? 

I’m hoping it’s the latter – we need more quality programming, and NBC has been lacking that for quite awhile.  Granted, they did bring some good new shows on board this year – I have truly enjoyed Chuck and Life, so far the jury is still out with Lipstick Jungle – it’s a fun show to watch, but certainly not one I’d make time for, like I have for Journeyman, and will probably do for Life and Chuck, in that order.

As for the Journeyman Campaign, we are still going strong – there seems to be a lull in the opinion posting over at Hey! Nielsen, but that’s to be expected – people have lives and it can get quite time consuming to post there if you miss a day or two.  But there are a great core group that post EVERY day (including me!) because we want to try to hang onto that 2 spot as long as possible, we worked so hard to get there. 

We can use all the help we can get – if you haven’t checked out the Hey! Nielsen site, there’s no time like the present!  The daily numbers are calculated based on number of opinions per day, number of comments per day, and number of reactions per day.  We had a day earlier in January where we had 128 opinions posted in one day! 

That was a major feat, it would be nice to see the number of opinions hit higher than 25 or 30, which is what we’ve been averaging on a daily basis, hence the slide in the numbers the last week or so.  So c’mon over, post an opinion, throw in a few comments and be warmly welcomed by the rest of the awesome Journeyman Fans!

The Rice-A-Roni Campaign is still going strong – to date we have sent more than $4000.00 worth of Rice-A-Roni to the NBC studios.  What’s really cool about that is that our campaign is doing ‘double duty’ – it’s attempting to get NBC’s attention on the dedicated fans to Journeyman, and it’s feeding the homeless.  NBC is donating the Rice-A-Roni to City Harvest in New York, who have expressed their appreciation to the Journeyman Fans because every little bit helps!

I’m off to play catch up on my posts at Hey! Nielsen – feel free to come over and join me!