Originally published on TV.com on March 11, 2008:

When the fall of 2007 was fast approaching, I was doing my homework during the summer months, figuring out which shows I would be making time to watch, and which shows I would be recording on 3 different VCR’s (since I didn’t ultimately get a DVR until Christmas 2007) to watch at my leisure.  I scouted all the networks, read up on all the returning shows and new shows, and really looked forward to three ‘fresh’ new shows in particular on NBC – Journeyman, Chuck and Life.

With the myriad of shows to choose from across all the networks, I had to plot and plan with precision.I ended up recording both Chuck and Life to watch later, and was glad I had done so, as it gave me the opportunity to watch something new and fresh during the drought known as the ‘writer’s strike’.  Of all the new shows on all networks for the new season, only one show really stood out for me – Journeyman.  It ended up being the only show I actually sat down and watched ‘live’ each and every week, the only show both my husband and I watched together, which is a major feat in our household.

I was thrilled that NBC had put Journeyman on their schedule, my mom was a big Quantum Leap fan and while I never had the time to watch or get hooked on that, the initial impression I had of Journeyman was a ‘modern twist’ to that genre.  Not only was it even better than the few episodes I truly enjoyed of Quantum Leap in years past, it was even better.  What struck me the most, aside from the brilliant writing, the captivating music and the phenomenal cinematography was the basic, heart and soul known as Family Values.

Having Dan travel back within his lifetime is brilliant.  It gave a lot of viewers the opportunity to really ‘connect’ with the show because it triggered many nostalgic moments with the perfection in which the scenes were set.  Then, with Dan traveling back in time and running into his ex-fiancé time and again, he could very easily have fallen into a stereotypical soapy moment and forgotten his marriage vows.

But the writers didn’t take it in that direction, and for that I, along with a multitude of other fans, are eternally grateful.  The airwaves are so full of those ‘soapy’ type shows, I do actually enjoy some of them, but for some reason Journeyman was the one that really captured my heart.  It speaks to an intelligent thinker, it brings true quality to the network. 

I had no idea that it was in jeopardy those weeks I looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed watching it, I didn’t even realize it was in danger of being ultimately canceled until mid-January.  I have encouraged people to check out Journeyman, and every person I have directed first to NBC.com, then to Hulu.com have also fallen in love with this show.  The general consensus is that Journeyman is Quality, Excellence and Family Values.

Knowing that Journeyman is associated with NBC really made me happy – I was saddened by the turn of events that had NBC no longer in the lead of the main networks, NBC has always been my network of choice, but CBS, ABC and FOX have over the years captured the majority of my attention.  When I had a chance to finally sit down and watch Chuck and Life – I was thrilled to have two more quality shows that were also associated with NBC. 

It would be a perfect evening of television if NBC were to decide to run all three shows back to back – or even put Chuck as a lead-in to Journeyman on one night, Life with another show on another night, or Journeyman as a lead-in to Life, and Chuck paired with another show – that way I would have two or more evenings a week to look forward to quality programming on NBC.

At the very least, the fans would truly appreciate a ‘Season 1’ DVD – the first 13 episodes are phenomenal, and so many people are enjoying watching them over and over again online.  Of course we would, in addition to a DVD, really love to see it on the fall schedule for 2008-2009 so there would be future DVD’s to purchase as well. 

Maybe you could think about picking up the original ‘back 9’ and scheduling it for a mid-season, January 2009 premiere just to see where the numbers shake out.Sure, it’s a long way off, and some shows tend to lose viewers when there’s a long hiatus in between, but I feel the passion for Journeyman is strong, and if you were to release a DVD and hype the January premiere, you would find that your viewers have done a lot of work to get the word out and have people really looking forward to seeing ‘fresh’ episodes – even if we have to wait until ‘next year’ to do so.

Because Journeyman really is a great show for ‘family’ viewing, I believe it would do really well in an earlier time slot – it’s not one of those ‘viewer discretion is advised’ type shows.  Besides, I really enjoy watching another of my NBC favorites on Monday nights – Medium.  I sincerely hope you look towards next year’s season that you will find a place for Journeyman in your heart and in your schedule. 

With the multitude of people that have come late to the party and discovered Journeyman online after it was gone from television, I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the result should you decide to bring this show back.