…that I would have the perfect opportunity to get my house all clean and organized, remove the piles’o’stuff from the ‘can’t walk into it’ guest room, and have some quality ‘Me’ time when my Little Princess started school. Yeah, right! Since the local school here only has the Kindergartners on half-days, that ‘dream’ thus far has not become a reality. Seriously, no major clean up and organization can be accomplished in just 3 measly hours! I barely have enough time to clean and organize the first floor of the sea of toys and child/hubby belongings, forget about the second floor and pretend that the finished attic really doesn’t exist – and that ‘Me’ time? Still a dream…for now! But I’m trying…I swear this year I’ll actually get the guest room cleaned out and organized so it will actually be a guest room instead of it’s current status as ‘storage’, and I’ll be able to get my huge mess’o’boxes cleared out/organized in our finished attic so it can be used as my craft room rather than what it currently is serving as…a storage space for all my clutter and pack-rat collection of junk ‘stuff’!

I seriously need to start weeding out toys and things that have been outgrown – especially with Christmas looming right around the corner! My Little Princess is on board with a willingness to donate a bunch of her toys so that other children will have the opportunity to have as much fun with them as she did…I’m very happy to see her developing a very generous heart in that manner! So we’ll be tackling that ‘project’ this weekend, which will help speed up my long-term goal of de-cluttering our house! 😉


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