Fruit Flies are annoying! Seriously, they’re teeny tiny, and appear completely out of nowhere!

Today I finally bottled my Apple Wine that I’ve been bulk aging for the past year (turned out excellent, even Hovering Hubby likes it and he’s not a wine drinker…) and you would have thought I had sent out an engraved invitation for the Fruit Fly Nation to send armies of their best, most annoying members to descend upon my bottling venture! Annoying little buggers – but the most annoying of all was when I poured the last remnants of the fresh apple wine into a wine glass and didn’t cover it immediately – 3 of those little buggers zoomed in immediately and died as soon as they hit that wine…ugh! No glass of wine for me today! 😉

Ah well, at least the bottles are filled and corked, now I have to focus on making some really cool creative labels and finishing them off with shrink caps, too. Tomorrow will be Grape Wine bottling – 6 gallons to bottle, and then it’ll be time to transfer my 5 gallons of grapes that are fermenting nicely in the bucket over to a carboy. Then I’ll have to remember what those odd sounds are coming from my dining room when the new carboy joins the one I filled Friday with a new batch of Apple Wine actively fermenting at this very moment… 🙂

Princess Nagger had a great time watching the bottling process – she really, really wanted to help with the floor corker, but she had to stay behind the ‘invisible line’ I have at the entrance of my kitchen…both she and my hubby know not to cross that line when I’m ‘busy’ in the kitchen, either with cooking meals or making other stuff like wine or jam. I swear our next house will have a kitchen big enough to house an island so they can be ‘in’ the kitchen but behind the island so as not to get underfoot… 😉 My hubby was a doll and offered to go ‘fetch’ us some lunch so I didn’t have to stop what I was doing – the turkey wrap he got me was…interesting…but I ate it anyway because it was purchased with love…and I was hungry. 😉

It’s been raining all day so it’s been kind of a dreary one, but Princess Nagger was having a great time playing outside in between the rain. The sun would decide to come out for a peek, ramp up the humidity, then allow the clouds to cover it back up to add more rain. My plants and trees are all getting watered, so I’m happy. Princess Nagger invented a new game today – she was playing ‘soccer’, wearing flip-flops on her feet and her roller skates on her hands…yes, I know, I didn’t get it either, but she was having a blast so who am I to question her tactics?

Princess Nagger: “I’m playing Soccer in the rain!”

Me: “Well, that sounds normal…”

PN: “Why is it normal?”

Me: “Lots of people play soccer in the rain.”

PN: “Well, that’s probably why the soccer ball says ‘All Weather Play’ on it.”

Yessiree, she reads everything!! Hubby and I can’t even get away with spelling things out anymore – she’s too quick to figure it out…sometimes even before we get to the end of the spelling! 🙂