Quality Television – Becoming a Distant Memory?

Originally published on TV.com on June 05, 2008: After a period of mourning for the demise of a great show, people are slowly beginning to band together not just to protest the insanity of quality shows being canceled at will … Continue reading

Television, As We Know It, Is Changing

Originally published on TV.com on March 12, 2008: Television, as we know it, is changing as we know it. Think about it. Talk to anyone who was born before Television even existed and they’ll tell you how much it’s changed … Continue reading

Open Letter to NBC – Re: Journeyman

Originally published on TV.com on March 11, 2008: When the fall of 2007 was fast approaching, I was doing my homework during the summer months, figuring out which shows I would be making time to watch, and which shows I … Continue reading

Saving Journeyman – Still Going Strong!

Originally published on TV.com on March 01, 2008: Here we are… it’s now March 1st and the fanatical JourneyFans are still going strong.  We’ve hit a few bumps in the road, but we’re not going to let that stop us … Continue reading

Saving Journeyman… Continued

Originally published on TV.com on February 22, 2008: Great news today in the ongoing ‘fight’ to Save Journeyman. The 34th Annual Saturn Awards has bestowed Journeyman with two (2) nominations! Kevin McKidd has been nominated for Best Actor in a … Continue reading

Jumping on the Bandwagon… to Save Journeyman!

Originally Published on January 27, 2008 at TV.com: This is a first for me.I have never, ever, gotten caught up into the world of trying to save a good show.Until now.  Journeyman is under threat of being canceled by NBC.What … Continue reading