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About Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

After 20+ years in the Corporate World and years of infertility, Princess Nagger made her miraculous appearance and I chose to become a SAHM and WAHM - I love every minute of it. We added Little Dude through adoption, adding a whole new dimension to our family. We have an eclectic mix of pets: dogs, cats, birds and fish. I love to cook and try new techniques to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Crafty by nature, I take on a lot of unique projects and enjoy seeing the end result. My favorite, of course, is making my own wine out of fruits and grapes. Experiments with water currently underway. I blog about the joys of parenting, family, friends, life, love and anything else that strikes my fancy. I do enjoy doing reviews and giveaways for products I use, believe in and can stand behind.

One thought on “Blog Roll

  1. I am so glad to come to your blog. Wow, the Love indwell here! Thank you. Your simple words warm my heart.
    While viewing your site I even forget my hardships of writing with the hand in the plaster – plus with the help of my Lithuanian-English dictionary.
    Let me invite you to my blog. I hope you will enjoy my artworks. Let these images be my flowers to you. Thank you once again.