This page contains the links to all the posts about Wine and Winemaking – please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  Thanks for stopping by!

Many of you have wanted to know where I get my red wine bottles – so I thought I’d add that information here so you don’t have to wait for a response from me.  I use several different sources, and do a price comparison based on cost of a case and cost of shipping – whomever has the best deal at the time I need the bottles, that’s who I purchase from. 

My main ‘go to’ sources are Midwest Supplies or Quality Wine & Ale Supply – sometimes one or the other will have them on sale, and they do have a shipping calculator to see which one charges less for shipping – so that usually determines which one I will buy from, depending on what else I’m ordering from them at the time.

I have also ordered from Shore Container – the shipping (by truck) can be pricey, but when I need bottles in large quantities it ends up actually saving on the overall cost.  

Now on to those links:

17 thoughts on “Winemaking

  1. Great list of articles on this unique blog!

    I’ve considered wine making at home for a long time. I’m now semi-retired, so maybe I’ll give it a try.


  2. I’m just getting started in wine making and got all the information out there. But your style of making wine is totally different from what I just finished reading. I definitely like your style 🙂

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  5. Hi,
    Try to come to Turkey and Turkish wines in place. I would say that they are great. Turkish wines of the world’s most award-winning wines at the moment. but they do not appear very often undiscovered mines in the internet. thanks

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  7. Wow! So much to read…so little time. Thanks for these links, I am going to dive right in. I love hearing about anything wine related. It was very helpful for you to put links to all your posts on one page. I’m especially curious about wine jelly. Thanks again.

  8. Thank you for this list of references! I have been thinking about making some wine for ages but have dreaded doing the homework. I have no excuse now!

    Rick B.

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