Black Burger; Two-Faced Cake; Artistic Electricity; and some cool Coffee Chat: RTT Rebel

It’s October, people! Where has this year gone?! Not to mention September slipped passed while I wasn’t looking what with my stupid ear infection and all. It’s my favorite time of year, though – I love fall, and I love … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – The Fun Finishing Touches

Over the years as I’ve expanded my experimentation and varieties of winemaking, I’ve also fine tuned the finishing process.  For me.  When I start new batches of wine, during the fermentation process – or sometimes I’ll wait until the bulk … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – Apple Wine from Fresh Apples

Making Apple Wine from fresh apples can be labor-intensive, but the end result has been more than rewarding.  Since Mother Nature messed with the production of apples on our apple tree this year, and my 5-on-1 apple tree is too … Continue reading