Fountain of Youth Revisited

 Since it’s been a crazy time with crazy weather and crazy colds (resulting in a ruptured eardrum), I haven’t had a chance to get out and take some updated spring shots – or any new shots lately.  So not to … Continue reading

Angry Birds: Space Needle

If you’ve been reading me for a while, you may remember I’d gotten hooked on Where’s My Water since Angry Birds had gotten stale.  Well, Angry Birds has been spiced up again with the newest version, Angry Birds: Space.  It … Continue reading

Signs of Spring At Last

We’ve had a freaky winter.  On most days it felt like spring rather than winter, but with all the plant life in hibernation, not having the snow we’re used to this year, made winter extra drab and boring. Now we’re … Continue reading

Warrior Cat Entrepreneur

Princess Nagger has been thoroughly enjoying The Warrior Cat book series – so much so, that she’s created different versions of the main character, Scourge, in clay form, paper form and even felt form.  Recently she asked me to pick … Continue reading

Stinky Cats

Growing up, our family was 100% dog people.  My dad was anti-cats because my grandpa had a cat that would pee everywhere and shred the drapes.  The cat from Hell, seriously.  So that particular cat soured my dad on all … Continue reading