Spring has Sprung, Princess Nagger’s Newest Obsession Chibi License, Dung Beer and Winemaker’s Competition: Friday Fragments

I’m happy to report we’ve had amazing spring weather this entire week.  I know you were wondering, weren’t you?  Things are finally starting to bud, it wasn’t too hot nor too cold, and of course I still have to make … Continue reading

Halloween Costume Plans, Warrior Cats vs. Angry Birds Birthday and more: RTT Rebel

With Halloween a mere week away, I think I’ve got almost all of the parts and pieces of Princess Nagger’s Halloween costume pulled together.  I had to buy some red trim to add to the black zippered hoodie I picked … Continue reading

Princess Nagger Gets Even More Creative… Fair Warning

While perusing the internet Princess Nagger saw this picture: And thought that was the coolest scythe ever.  So much so, she immediately set to work creating her own out of cardboard, paper, a couple of pencils, and lots and lots … Continue reading