They’re Calling It Snowtober

Stardate -312835.88, we are still in the dark technology-wise.  Still no phone, no internet, and no cable.  I’m missing my favorite shows, not to mention not having access at the tip of my fingers to the blogosphere and beyond.  It’s … Continue reading

Snow, Ice Age Dinosaurs, Snuggie Envy – Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s the first day of February – the Month of Love.  Except where Mother Nature is concerned, apparently.  She’s starting off our new month with a vengeance of snow and freezing rain.  More on that later.  At least last week … Continue reading

Ice Encased Snow and Head Colds – Random Tuesday Thoughts

I’m late with my randomness.  Usually I sit down and write my post the day before and schedule it for midnight.  Except that I forgot to do that yesterday.  Because Princess Nagger had the day off from school, so I … Continue reading

Internet Switcharoo, No Snow, Great Christmas – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Christmas has passed, but the mess in the living room seems to have increased exponentially.  Princess Nagger’s comment was “At least it’s all Christmas stuff!”  Heh. So yesterday was interesting.  Somehow we got talked into switching back to Comcast from … Continue reading