Sleep On The Floor because This Is How We Roll when we’re Drunk On A Plane in our Southern Comfort Zone

Monday has arrived! I know, I know, I wish the weekend were longer, too. They tend to fly by way too fast! At least Monday means music – that’s the saving grace! This week’s Spotlight Dancer is our friend John Holton, of … Continue reading

Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel: The Return

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!  Bet you have a ton of random to disperse right about now, don’t you?  What’s that you say?  You’ve used up all your random while I was gone?  Pffffft!  Bet you can conjure up more, right?  So let’s … Continue reading

Through a Lens and a Windshield

I’m still sorting through the gazillion pictures I took on our road trip to and from Seattle – I became quite adept at snapping pictures through the windshield of my car while driving at varying speeds.  I’ve selected a few … Continue reading

Motel 6 FAIL – What The Hell?! (Part 2)

Last week I started telling you about our unpleasant experience at a Motel 6 in Portland Oregon on Schmeer Road.  If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you really should so you won’t be lost on this conclusion.  Go ahead, … Continue reading

Steamy Weather, Nomination Honor, Wonky Thermostat and Asshat Parking

 We’ve been home from vacation for a week and I’m still trying to get caught up on everything, in real life and in cyberspace.  Seems like being disconnected and gone for a couple of weeks tends to puts you in … Continue reading

Visiting Family in Person and Keeping in Touch on Skype for Summertime Fun

Summertime means vacations, staycations and for the most part a more relaxing time of year.  Well, OK, not so much relaxing as a little more laid back with the kids home from school and no running around like chickens with … Continue reading