Angelic Ice Cream Cheesecake Recipe with Dreyer’s and a #ReasonToSmile

My brain is still not accepting the fact that summer is coming to a close. School starts this week for Princess Nagger and Little Dude – but wait…didn’t they just get out  of school? Where’d the summer go?! Luckily they’re looking … Continue reading

Holland House is Not Your Ordinary Cooking Wine! (Review and Slow Cooker Chicken w/Wine Mushroom Sauce Recipe)

It’s no secret I’m a wine girl, right? I mean, I drink wine, I make wine, I cook with wine and I drink wine. Oh wait, I already mentioned the drinking wine part. Years and years and years ago I … Continue reading

(CLOSED) Healthy Food for your Feline Friend (Review & Giveaway #NutrishForCats #mc sponsored)

Our pets are not just animals or pets, they’re part of our family. We refer to the dogs and cats as brothers and sister to the kidlets, who treat them just like siblings. Because I care about what I feed … Continue reading

Cascade Platinum Even Makes Bumbleberry Pie Sundae Sparkle! (#sponsored) #MyCascade

Remember how I mention in my last post that Cascade has teamed up with Gail Simmons to showcase how food presentation is a huge part of creating the perfect dish?  I think of that every time the hubby and I … Continue reading

Talking Turkey (Pot-Pie) with Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies

Growing up, I loved hanging out in the kitchen with my great-grandmother.  She had a stool in her kitchen just for me so I could sit and watch her work her magic, and help, too.  She taught me a lot, … Continue reading

Chef Boyardeelicious Recipe Challenge – Failure and Success

My crockpot has never failed me when I’ve concocted something unique to have the convenience of dinner cooking (and making the house smell good all day) so all that’s left is plating the yummy food and enjoying dinner with friends … Continue reading