Lightning Fast Year, School Days Ending, Miranda Lambert is Cool, Clueless Bride, Cool Party Shed: RTT Rebel

Is it just me, or is this year flying by at the speed of light? June?  Where’d you  come from? Before you know it, we’ll be commiserating on what feast we’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving and pulling out the Christmas … Continue reading

Absent Sanity, Hovering Nag, Hubby’s New Ride and Cute Kitty: RTT Rebel

My sanity level is somewhere between a critical deficit and… Nope, just at a critical deficit. Something has gotten into Princess Nagger – usually she’s content to read her books, or play Minecraft, or watch Minecraft videos, or go out … Continue reading

#530Landslide, Idiotic Movers with Murphy’s Law and Cloud’s Silver Lining – RTT Rebel

I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrific landslide that occurred North of Seattle: A square mile of land and trees just gone.   See that cliff now looming in the background?  That’s where land and trees used to be.  The cliff … Continue reading

Bringing Good Tidings of Great Joy from the Basement without a Burning Julbock: RTT Rebel & WW Smörgåsbord

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s Christmas Eve, yo!  If you were to ask Princess Nagger, she would tell you that it took forrrrrevvverrrrrr  to get here.  But now she’s contemplating which present she wants to open first. Each year I … Continue reading