Mountain Camping Fun with a Defective Tent and Princess Nagger’s Getting Braces: RTT Rebel

We’re still holding strong on no rain here in the Seattle area. It looked like it was thinking about raining late yesterday, but no such luck. We went camping over the weekend in spite of the burn ban – campfires … Continue reading

WW: HOA Blues and Front Yard Transformation

After having lived for 11 years in an old farmhouse in a rural vs. subdivision type area, now living in an actual subdivision with a Home Owner’s Association has been an adjustment. Luckily our HOA isn’t as nit picky as … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy 2 years later – @SaveTheChildren asks: Are You Prepared? (#GetReady #PANJ4Good)

Hard to believe that today, October 29th, is the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s U.S. landfall. We were inundated with so much wind and rain, we were worried that our 1817 farmhouse wouldn’t make it to its 200th birthday. We … Continue reading

#530Landslide, Idiotic Movers with Murphy’s Law and Cloud’s Silver Lining – RTT Rebel

I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrific landslide that occurred North of Seattle: A square mile of land and trees just gone.   See that cliff now looming in the background?  That’s where land and trees used to be.  The cliff … Continue reading

Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

Winter Storm Nemo completely missed us, so we were excitedly looking forward to Saturn paying us a visit the other day.  We watched the news and checked the weather map frequently, and this time we were sure we’d actually get … Continue reading

Weather – Aloha Friday Follow Fun

Mother Nature decided to open the flood gates yesterday, sending us a deluge of rain.  During a ‘normal’ year, that would have calculated into lots of snow, since February and March are typically the snowiest months for our area.  Except … Continue reading