Kitty Antics: Doggy Bed Takeover

When we were Basement Dwellers occupying my parents’ basement while looking for a house, a tiny little stray kitty appeared in their backyard.   Naturally we couldn’t leave the poor thing out in the cold, and adopted the scraggly little … Continue reading

Cat Tales – Center of Attention

Day two of the New Year – how’s 2013 treating you so far?  I’m hoping this year doesn’t fly by as fast as last year did. I’m just sayin’. To start the year off right, I thought we’d have a … Continue reading

Toupée Kittens Need Milk Mustaches

I mentioned yesterday that over the weekend we added 2 more kittens to our menagerie.  We already have 2 cats – one in the Summer House and one in the Main House (Link and Zelda) – our third cat, rescued … Continue reading