Keep On Truckin’ through the Perfect Storm because the Buzz Back Girl is Buzzin’

Once again the weekend flew by much too quickly. And yet, I don’t feel like I got done what I had hoped to get done. You know how that goes – so much to do, so little time. Well, since … Continue reading

I’m Gonna Miss Her in Suntan City and Won’t Go Home Without You because Footloose is Just The Way You Are

Mother Nature’s Menopause is in full swing – as in, she’s on the downward side with a high of 55 today after sending us 80+ degree weather last week.  We’re expecting a (hopefully final) spring freeze tonight when the temps … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day – MMMM

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s hoping today is a very special day, whether you celebrate or not.  How appropriate that this month we’re doing Love Songs for Monday’s Music Moves Me.  For today’s special day, I had to choose a song … Continue reading