Better in Boots Until They Don’t Love You, so just Buy Me A Boat because Anything Goes!

Hard to believe we’re winding down the summer – didn’t it just start yesterday? So many things are going to be crammed into the next three weeks now that the hubby is officially on his summer break now, too. Let … Continue reading

On The Road Again to a Temporary Home in Small Town USA since I’ve Been Everywhere

If you’ve been reading along with me the last couple of weeks, you know that I’m driving across the vastness of the U.S.A. with today being our final day on the road towards home.  Home Sweet Home.  It’s always nice … Continue reading

I Got To Be This Way because Mr. Know It All has Moves Like Jagger that Bring Me To Life

Monday already?  The last week has gone by in a blur.  Probably because Princess Nagger came down with a sore throat/cold/flu/fever last week and ended up home for two days (which I’m now catching since she just loves to share).  … Continue reading