Dentists, Doctors, and Dinosaurs – Oh My! And that Target thing: RTT Rebel

We are in the final three weeks of the kids’ summer break – so naturally we’re cramming as much fun as we possibly can in that three weeks. You know, like dentist and doctor appointments. (insert evil grin here) No, … Continue reading

it’s a Crying Game when you get your Feet Wet at a House Party – but Honey, I’m Good.

Hello Monday! We finally got a little bit of rain this past weekend – I know, those of you who have preconceived notions about it raining all the time  in Seattle figure it’s not really newsworthy. Except that it is … Continue reading

The “Would You Rather” Edition of Coffee Chat and Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

It never changes – no matter how hard I try to slow them down, the days just fly by with abandon. I’m seriously behind on my blog hopping – and I am very grateful that you all haven’t jumped ship…yet. … Continue reading

Creation from a Hunger Games Obsession

At Princess Nagger’s request, when I was out shopping last week I picked up a tub of clay.  After I left the room she got to work on her newest project, straight from her imagination.  Her Hunger Games obsession continues … Continue reading

Warrior Cat Adventures

Seems every week I’m posting something about Princess Nagger’s obsession love for the Warrior Cats book series.  I hope you’re not getting tired of it yet, because it seems at the moment there is no end in sight.  Case-in-point:  She … Continue reading

Introducing the World’s Smallest Warrior Cat

Princess Nagger has recently been captivated by the Warrior Cat book series.  She read the newest copy I got for her yesterday cover-to-cover already.  She even likes to pretend she’s a Warrior Cat, which makes for some interesting dinner time … Continue reading

Christmas Survival, Forgotten Christmas Calls and the Adventures of TinTin

Did you all survive Christmas or Hanukkah?  We had a successful trip to Iowa, only hit snow in Virginia – and by hit, I mean it was flurry-ing like crazy, but not sticking on the ground, so I didn’t have … Continue reading