Absent Sanity, Hovering Nag, Hubby’s New Ride and Cute Kitty: RTT Rebel

My sanity level is somewhere between a critical deficit and… Nope, just at a critical deficit. Something has gotten into Princess Nagger – usually she’s content to read her books, or play Minecraft, or watch Minecraft videos, or go out … Continue reading

Car Trouble, Pesky Spam, World’s Tiniest TV Screen vs. Largest LCD TV – RTT Rebel

Here we are, the official first full week of the New Year.  I’ve been doing pretty good not blinking and making the time fly by as fast as last year did, but it’s still early.  Blinking will most likely take … Continue reading

The Lorax Fun, Jack Giambalvo Hyundai FAIL, Good Christian Bitches or Belles WINS

The days may be getting longer, but the weekends seem to be getting shorter.  Especially this past weekend losing that hour.  Sure, I love gaining the hour back in the fall, but hate losing it in the spring.  Especially since … Continue reading