Kicking off Fall and October with Summer Weather and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hello Tuesday! First Tuesday of October, and my favorite season – fall. Except Mother Nature is still confused, as we’re still experiencing summer weather with temps in the 80s. Crazy, no? At least we did get one day of ‘measurable … Continue reading

doing the Harvest Samba counting our Blessings because Rain Is A Good Thing leading up to Harvest Time

Monday has arrived, even though it’s fall, we’re still hanging on to summer with temps in the 80s the last few days and the next few – I know, right? Totally not a normal year of weather here in the … Continue reading

Last Gasp of Summer with Fall Beginning; DIY Fun; Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hello Tuesday! Last Tuesday of September, first Tuesday of fall! Of course Mother Nature has decided she’s not quite done with summer weather, though, we have a few more days of extra heat before it finally looks like it will … Continue reading

You’re Drunk, Go Home after playing Three Whiskey’s And The Truth seeing 50 Shades of Pink – this is The Last Time!

First Monday of fall – my favorite season. Of course Mother Nature has to get in a few more days of extra heat as September comes to a close. Meanwhile, since it’s Monday you know that Monday means music! This week … Continue reading

Fall is almost here with Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Fall is almost here, people! I know, I know, some of you would probably prefer an endless summer. Me, I’m like: This also valid (on Thursday): This is funny: This is hilarious: This cracked me up: This is valid: This … Continue reading

Babe …Ready For It? Einstein knows i Ain’t Your Mama, he’s the King Of Wishful Thinking so Follow Me A-Yo we’re gonna Sway like Tequila Does!

Monday has arrived, the weather has finally returned to ‘normal’ here in the Pacific Northwest – still no measurable rain, though, which as most of you know is quite unusual for us. We did have a couple of passing rain … Continue reading

Eerie Smoke Skies; End of an Era; Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday has arrived, and in case you were wondering, yes I am counting down the days until the first day of fall… only 9 more days! I think we’re finally done with our weekly ‘excessive heat’ – Saturday was the … Continue reading