Bad Luck Black Sand, Fun at the Fair (sort of), and Educational Coffee Chat: RTT Rebel

Tuesday is here again – it’s one of my favorite days of the week, because it means I can bullshit with random and have coffee with my friends. Now if we could change it into wine with friends, that would … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – Apple Wine from Fresh Apples Continued… And the Final Thanksgiving Feast Recipe – Apple Cranberry Pie

A few weeks ago I posted the recipe and starting process of making Apple Wine from fresh apples.  Today you get to seen the ‘next steps’ in that process, finally. This is when the fermenting started: This is the ‘must’ … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – Apple Wine from Fresh Apples

Making Apple Wine from fresh apples can be labor-intensive, but the end result has been more than rewarding.  Since Mother Nature messed with the production of apples on our apple tree this year, and my 5-on-1 apple tree is too … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – Best Laid Plans Hurry Up and Wait… Vanilla Extract Saves the Day!

Mother Nature threw a wrench in my plans of awesomeness this weekend of picking apples and grapes to make wine out of them, as well as putting up my fall decorations. We’re in the ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ mode on … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – The Wine Kit, Part Two and more!

Last week was the start to the Kit Wine, Spanish Tempranillo: Believe it or not, Step Two is even easier than Step One.  The Primary Fermentation went off without a hitch, I checked the SG levels and since it was … Continue reading