“Hairy” Situation – Can You Make The “Cut”? Aloha Friday Follow Fun

Hi, my name is Stacy, and I have problem hair.  Well, not so much that it’s a problem, just that I have way too much and it tends to have a mind of its own sometimes.  I certainly have enough … Continue reading

Pet Food and Rolex the Ambassador: Aloha Friday Follow Fun Free-For-All

I want to preface this post by saying my heart goes out to those in Alabama and surrounding states that lost their homes and loved ones during the horrendous tornadoes this week.  I’ll definitely be keeping y’all in my thoughts … Continue reading

Be Kind to Earth Day – Aloha Friday Follow Fun Free-For-All

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday for those that celebrate!  I have the honor and privilege to participate in a special Be Kind To Earth Day celebration with TheMotherhood. The Mission: To encourage people to promise to do at least … Continue reading

When the Lights Go Out – Aloha Friday Follow Fun Galore

Mother Nature really needs to get her act together.  Waffling from delivering snow last Friday to 81 degrees on Monday, followed by a wild, windy and chilly Tuesday through Wednesday that knocked out power for a day-and-a-half really shows she’s … Continue reading

April Fools – Aloha Friday Follow Fun

Happy April Fool’s Day! Today is a day that will be filled with pranks and all sorts of fun shenanigans.   Princess Nagger is all about playing pranks – especially on dada.  Last year I encouraged her to do simple non-destructive … Continue reading

Bathing Suit Shopping – Aloha Friday Follow Funfest

Last week Princess Nagger’s class started their annual 8 days of Swimming.   It started as just a few days in Kindergarten, then ramped up to eight days starting last year in First Grade.  I posted a conversation I had with … Continue reading