Easter or Passover via Friendly Fill-Ins and Celebrate the Small Things for a Good Friday

It’s time once again for some Friday fill-in fun, the perfect way to wrap up the week and kick off the weekend!  From Ann of McGuffy’s Reader: “The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing … Continue reading

Warrior Cats Easter, Monsuno Obsession, Honeymoon Wine, Fairy Hobmother

In spite of Princess Nagger’s recent obsession with wanting to read the Hunger Games books, she’s still loyal to her other obsession with the Warrior Cats book series.  So much so that she’s hoping the Easter Bunny will bring her … Continue reading

Desperate Convert, Easter Basket Search, Booster Law: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Still a rebel at week four. Keely’s hiatus is still in full swing, I think she wants to admire the awesome picture that the uber-talented Michele painted for her.  I’m hoping she’ll be taking up the reins soon, because my … Continue reading