Retail Fast-Forward; Pokemon GO and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

How can it be we’re halfway through summer already? Of course the college the hubby teaches at doesn’t start their summer break until mid-August until almost the end of September, so we (meaning I) haven’t been able to enjoy the … Continue reading

Crazy People, The Red Cup Debacle, Dolphins and a Venus Flytrap: RTT Rebel Remember Me with Coffee

Very sad about the attacks in Paris. There are some extremely evil people in this world. Praying for Peace all over. Speaking of crazy people… The whole ‘Red Cup’ debacle had me shaking my head. People up in arms about Starbucks getting … Continue reading

Last Day of Summer Break, Water Consumption Phenomenon, and Pokemon

Today is the last day of summer break for the kiddos – I guess you would say today is the last day of freedom for them, tomorrow is my first day of freedom. If you could see my face right … Continue reading

Lightning Fast Year, School Days Ending, Miranda Lambert is Cool, Clueless Bride, Cool Party Shed: RTT Rebel

Is it just me, or is this year flying by at the speed of light? June?  Where’d you  come from? Before you know it, we’ll be commiserating on what feast we’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving and pulling out the Christmas … Continue reading

The Car Line and Crazy Scheduling: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

It’s April Fool’s Day!  Any pranks planned for today?  Princess Nagger is on Spring Break this week – she’s a bit bummed that she won’t be at school to pull some creative pranks on her teacher and friends. I’m a … Continue reading