Keeping it short in Panic Mode One Week to Christmas: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

OK, people!  Do you know we’re only a week away from Christmas?  Of course you do!  And I’m betting I’m not the only one in panic mode this week.  Please tell me I’m not alone here! Since we’re all in … Continue reading

RTT Rebel Merry Christmas

I promised to have a Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post up today, and I always keep my promises – so I’m randomly recycling a post from last year (with a few adjustments) to ensure having something for you diehards (like … Continue reading

Holiday Wishes Aren’t Just for Kids

Since I’m so busy planning for Thanksgiving tomorrow and Princess Nagger is home from school today (and we have a ‘date’ to see Tangled), I wasn’t planning on posting anything today.  But when I stumbled across this giveaway, I had … Continue reading

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