Naughty Would Be Nice For Christmas, wait – Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy dreaming of a White Christmas… but Baby It’s Cold Outside on the River – be sure to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas has arrived.  Well, for those of us who start the actual celebration this evening with opening gifts from family and friends.  I was happy to have gotten all the gifts completely wrapped on Friday, so we’re all ready for … Continue reading

Reflecting on Favorite Christmas Decorations

I mentioned yesterday I’m in panic mode because I’m trying to get all my last minute stuff done and Christmas is speeding towards me at a precarious pace.  Add to that I got my laptop back Monday afternoon from having … Continue reading

Procrastination Station and Un-Friending Mother Nature

If I could ‘un-friend’ Mother Nature, I would. She’s been sending the Pacific Northwest an overabundance of snow, but completely bypassing us here in PA when we should have gotten at least one good snow day by now. Her menopausal … Continue reading

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Princess Nagger and I finally got our Christmas Tree decorated: In an effort to thwart the Little Dude from absconding with the ornaments off the tree, I put our smaller 6-1/2 foot tree on a table to keep it out … Continue reading

Awesome B-Day, Table Top Tree, the Power of Twitter, and a New Catch Phrase

I had an awesome birthday – the prime rib at LongHorn Steakhouse was perfect this time (they redeemed themselves from our unfortunate visit on Princess Nagger’s birthday).  Princess Nagger even ordered Prime Rib – her first one – and she … Continue reading

Fall Decor Still Standing, Christmas Tree Dilemma, Staples Not So Easy, Family Affair at the Dentist Office – RTT Rebel

So here we are, six days into December and my fall decorations are still prominently displayed.  I suppose subconsciously it’s because the scarecrows really wanted to be hanging out for another week, since I was a week behind digging them … Continue reading

Real or Fake – Aloha Friday Follow Fun

My laptop finally did bite the dust on Tuesday – so I’ve been going through some major withdrawals from the internet these past few days. My new laptop finally showed up and I love it!  I got such a great … Continue reading