WW: Memorial Day Weekend Camping Fun

Camping in the Pacific Northwest is amazing – there are so many cool places to camp, with the mountains or ocean being less than a day’s drive to get there. For our first family camping adventure, we chose Alder Lake, … Continue reading

Camping Fun on a Pontoon with One More Drinkin’ Song for Summertime and RTT Rebel Coffee Chat.

The long weekend is coming to a close – at the time of this typing, we’re getting ready to head out to go camping this weekend. I’m being proactive and scheduling this post, because when we drag ourselves home from … Continue reading

Dental Angst, Cool Mother’s Day – and a Birthday Coffee Chat with RTT Rebel

The weeks have been going by in a blur – I’m behind on blog hopping, but hopefully this week will enable some catch-up mode. As opposed to Catsup – or Ketchup, however you prefer to spell that. The hubby’s been … Continue reading

Holding Court

Lately we’ve been talking about introducing the hubby to what phenomenal camping could be, now that we’re back in the Pacific Northwest and he’s green in all areas of camping – or what the great PNW can offer, for that … Continue reading

“Roughing It”: Camping or Motel – Aloha Friday Follow Fun Free-For-All

Today is the last Friday of May – summer is right around the corner!   Of course you’d think Mother Nature got the wrong memo – she’s been sending us summer weather all week long…hot, humid and sticky.  I don’t mind … Continue reading