Just Another Random Tuesday after a Manic Monday: Random Tuesday Thoughts

So yeah. It’s Tuesday. I’m awake! Well, OK, I’ve been awake for a few hours now, getting used to getting up ultra early to see the hubby off to work, then do some work of my own in the quiet … Continue reading

Christmas is Coming; Eagle Selfie; Stephen Amell is Cool; #GivingTuesday also Cool – Coffee Chatting Randomly on a Tuesday

Whoa Nelly! It’s already December 1st! Who has their finger on that fast-forward button? Just. Stop. Please. So there’s 24 days until Christmas, yada yada yada. I am definitely not ready. Usually I try to have all my shopping and whatnot done … Continue reading

Today is My Birthday so let’s Rock the Random, Shall We? Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

I am happy to report that the plague has almost completely left our house (knock wood) and today’s my birthday, so we’re going to get the random started with a little song from the Beatles: Normally I do some sort … Continue reading

Revolution Foods Meal Kits: Quick and Easy – and Healthy! (#mc sponsored)

The school rush each morning is particularly crazy what with the kids going to two different school districts this year, and me getting acclimated to spending a lot of time in my car driving them to and from school. There … Continue reading

Math Error, Blonde Moment and Blankscreenitis: RTT Rebel

Here we are, already in August!  I made a mathematical error in last week’s post – Princess Nagger actually starts school three weeks from tomorrow!  Yes, I’m counting down the days while she’s doing the polar opposite.  Is it bad … Continue reading

Plague, Blonde Moment, Psycho Stalker: Random Tuesday Thoughts

I called in sick last week to RTT.  Well, not literally, but I was AWOL.  You’ll be happy to know that I finally saw a medical professional yesterday and got a stern talking to about waiting so long to see … Continue reading