Part-Time BFF – and a Promise

I’ve been somewhat lackadaisical on my blogging the last year or so, in part because of the craziness of getting ready for the great move from Pennsylvania back to Washington State, followed by the temporary status of Basement Dwellers followed … Continue reading

The Future is Bright: Home Sweet Home

If you stopped by yesterday, you read some of the particulars of our Basement Dwelling and got to see the preview of the house we’ll be moving into early next month: Isn’t that cute and fairly unassuming?  Though it does … Continue reading

Kidoodle.TV: Built for Kids, Loved by Parents! Save Your Sanity during the Winter Break! (#sponsored #MC)

If you’ve been reading me for a while (or at least since August), you know that we are currently basement dwellers as we wait impatiently for our house to sell in Pennsylvania, and purchase one out here.  My parents have … Continue reading

Suspended Animation, BlogHer12 Teaser, Fun Friends – RTT Rebel

It feels like I’ve been gone forever even though it was only five days over the weekend.  Does that ever happen to you?  Like the world went spinning extra fast over those days you’re gone?  It was the first time … Continue reading