Arm & Hammer helps Deck the Halls Fresh and Bright (#sponsored #MC #HolidayFresh)

Kids are dirty.  There, I said it.  Little did I know when Princess Nagger was born I’d end up dealing with lots of dirt and grime. She isn’t fazed by dirt, and I’m learning new tricks every day on trying … Continue reading

Let Arm & Hammer Assist You During the Holiday Season with Fun and Practical Tips

Can you believe in just 2-1/2 weeks it will be Thanksgiving?  The holidays are sneaking up on us faster each year.  With how crazy things will be between now and the end of the year, it sure would be nice … Continue reading

Stinky Cats

Growing up, our family was 100% dog people.  My dad was anti-cats because my grandpa had a cat that would pee everywhere and shred the drapes.  The cat from Hell, seriously.  So that particular cat soured my dad on all … Continue reading