Asshat Neighbors in the Smalltown – WTH?

I’ve mentioned before that we have really annoying neighbors.  And I’m not talking about typical neighbor annoyance (like their wandering pit-bull that constantly uses our yard as his personal toilet), these guys are full on top grade asshats. It didn’t … Continue reading

Annoying Orange, Annoying Neighbors, Skylanders Craze: RTT Rebel

Did you hear?  The Annoying Orange is coming to Cartoon Network. Princess Nagger has been obsessed with searching to see when it comes on. So far nothing – though when I Googled it the other day, the date is vague … Continue reading

Homework Blues and Annoying Neighbors – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Here we are, the final Random Tuesday before Christmas.  Is your brain as discombobulated as mine is trying to get all the last minute stuff done?  If so, feel free to set your mind free with all the other discombobulated … Continue reading