Do Good…it’s Good!

Note:  This section of yesterday’s post moved to its own page to accommodate a conflict with BlogHer AdsJust in case you might be confused.

Tomorrow I am honored to be a participant in something fun and exciting.  TheMotherhood has teamed up with 77kids by American Eagle kids clothing for a nationwide “77Kids Do Good Day”.   From TheMotherhood:

Seventy-seven fantastic mom bloggers in 11 cities across the country are participating in 77kids Do Good Day on July 14th by doing good in their local communities in pay-it-forward kinds of ways. All in support of the new 77kids by american eagle stores.

I am proud to be part of the Philadelphia Team of awesome bloggers as we set out  “Brightening Someone’s Day”.  We plan to visit with senior citizens in an area senior center – Princess Nagger always loves visiting her Papa in his center, so I know she’s going to enjoy brightening many seniors (and most likely regaling them with her extensive dinosaur knowledge).  We have some fun things planned for the seniors as well as some other surprises while we’re in the Philadelphia area.

I have the honor of teaming up with these awesome bloggers:

Joey Fortman
Colleen Padilla
Sarah Peppel
Whitney Wingerd

I can’t wait!  Stay tuned, you’ll get to read all about it!


[Disclosure – bloggers will be compensated for their participation in Do Good Day, but that in no way diminishes the awesomeness of 77 Kids or The Motherhood, who put this all together, nor the fun both Princess Nagger and I will have bringing smiles to the faces of our precious seniors, and the others we will be surprising on this very special day.]

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