Turkey Kitty

When we were living in Pennsylvania, it seemed the stray cats knew we were suckers for their hard luck stories and would somehow end up on our back porch or in our barn, and definitely in our hearts.  Moving all … Continue reading

Favorite Time of Year

This is my all-time favorite time of year.  With crisp clear air, the trees and foliage starting to turn into a gloriously painted landscape, what’s not to love?  Some trees tend to have that resistance factor, hanging on to their … Continue reading

Taken for Granted

Growing up in the State of Washington, when you see something every day for years, you tend not to notice it much in day-to-day living.  Until you’ve been gone for what seems like an eternity then return, you notice it … Continue reading

The One Where Princess Nagger is Growing Way too Fast, but She’ll Always Be My Baby.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – sometimes time just flies by way too fast.  How did Princess Nagger go from this: To this: I know, I know – I blinked.  Anyone know how not  to do … Continue reading

First Day of School Way Out West

Our adventure continues – we finally made the cross-country trip out here, but there are lots of balls in the air we’re still juggling.  I’m just glad to have the moving part mostly over – we still have the U-Boxes … Continue reading