Sassy Homemade Wine – Best Laid Plans Hurry Up and Wait… Vanilla Extract Saves the Day!

Mother Nature threw a wrench in my plans of awesomeness this weekend of picking apples and grapes to make wine out of them, as well as putting up my fall decorations. We’re in the ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ mode on … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – The Wine Kit, Part Two and more!

Last week was the start to the Kit Wine, Spanish Tempranillo: Believe it or not, Step Two is even easier than Step One.  The Primary Fermentation went off without a hitch, I checked the SG levels and since it was … Continue reading

Sassy Homemade Wine – Something Different Today – Homemade Kahlua!

I know some of you were expecting this week’s post to see the wine kit ‘in action’, but last week was ‘one of those weeks’ and I didn’t get a chance to get that started. But since Hovering Hubby is … Continue reading