Dino Play Fun, Hubby Yucks, Vacation Race – RTT Rebel

The Rebellion rocks on into the twelfth week. Keely is still hiatus-ing, but we’re still functioning in her honor.  Thanks to all fellow rebels for joining in each week – I have been remiss in making sure I get around … Continue reading

Hot Flashes, Pretty Bird and an Absent Minded Nod: RTT Rebel

Eleven weeks and the Rebellion goes on!  One of these days, we might have to storm the castle and wrestle Keely to rejoin our troops, but for now, I suppose we’ll have to fight the fight without her.  Rebel On! … Continue reading

Heatwave Stuff and Nonsense: RTT Rebel

Ten weeks, people!  Ten weeks since our fearless leader Keely decided she needed a sabbatical from the randomness.  But we’re still pressing on.  At least I am, and hope you’ll join me.  Jen brought the Spin Cycle back after six … Continue reading

Chicken Salad, Marathon Dog, I’m a Winner, or is that Wine-r? RTT Rebel

Are you relieved or disappointed that the world didn’t come to an end on Saturday?  Frankly, I’m relieved, because that means we can continue with Week Nine of our random rebellious ways since Keely is still on hiatus from Random … Continue reading

Fun, Rain, DaGeDar and Legendary People – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Week eight and still no word from Keely on when she’ll be wrestling retrieving the Random Crown back – I think if she’s still AWOL next week I’ll think of a way to let my cartoon me carry the sign … Continue reading

Mother’s Day: Addicted to Technology – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Here we are, still plugging along in rebel mode for the seventh week – and judging by Keely’s last post about how her new co-workers read her blog eliminating juicy tales to tattle, the hiatus may last quite a bit … Continue reading

Blogger’s Elbow, Fun School Projects: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

We’re still going strong rockin’ the rebel at week six.  Sheesh! Keely’s hiatus is still droning on in full swing, her new job sounds like a dream job so far – complete with a skeleton mascot and International Talk Like … Continue reading