Final Tuesday of July means Summer is more than half over – feel better with Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Is this really the final Tuesday of July? Whoa! How’d that happen so fast?! That means we’re more than past the halfway mark of Summer. Say it ain’t so! 5 weeks from yesterday is Little Dude’s first day back to … Continue reading

brand new Lease On Life so keep your Head Up while taking a Boat Ride, Where Do You Wanna Go?

Monday has arrived – it’s been hot and dry here in the Pacific Northwest (I know, that’s probably polar opposite to what you’ve been told or expect from this area). We could really use some rain, so if you have … Continue reading

Another Furbaby Addition and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hello Tuesday! Guess what?! We added another furbaby to our menagerie – meet Peppermint Patty: Isn’t she adorable? She’s a Mini Saint Bernard (Nehi) and when someone posted that she needed to be rehomed on our local tiny town Facebook … Continue reading

how about some Beer For My Horses Like My Dog and the Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – think i’ll Save A Horse [Ride A Cowboy]

Monday has once again arrived without much fanfare (right? any fanfare over there?) but since it is Monday, that of course means music! For the month of July, our Spotlight Dancer is our friend and regular participant of Monday’s Music … Continue reading

Rambling into Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday has arrived, and I’m sitting here, staring at a blank screen but no words are coming. Honestly, nothing remarkable (or unremarkable) has happened in the last week – that’s either a really good thing, or a really bad thing… … Continue reading

Wrecked by Fire wondering Where The Country Girls At with great Boat Names?

Monday has arrived – and you know that Monday means music – this week is a freebie week, so feel free to grab your favorite tune(s) and come dance with us, won’t you? Let’s start with a song by this … Continue reading

4th of July and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

First official Tuesday of July! We survived our extreme ‘heat event’ last week – on the hottest day, it was 112 degrees with the ‘feels like’ temperature of 145! That is downright CRAZY. It was way too hot to do … Continue reading